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CreARTive Curves. What sets us apart?

Learning Art improves critical thinking and creativity. Through Creativity innovation is possible. But are we learning art the right way?

"I believe art education needs to focus on developing learners that think like artists ."
Cindy Foley

Conventional art and art lessons teach skills that can be assessed and tested. The learning is centered around quantifiable skills of re-creation and repetition. This is not wrong, but is it correct? Our ability to design and our individuality has a purpose in this world. To showcase our ability, we must challenge ourselves to think outside the box. The vision of CreARTive curves is to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking through consistent engagements and opportunities using art as a medium.

Our Projects and Lesson Plans aim to hone creative thinking and artistic capabilities.

Art is the means to develop your right brain, so that innovation and new ideas become goals and not just dreams.

Creativity Is A Habit

In- Person  Art Classes for Kids and Teens 7+
ART The Right Way

Our aim is to INSPIRE each child to THINK innovatively and showcase their TALENT with confidence.


Our regular Weekly Classes are focused on creative learning through art. We will focus our lessons and learning around art centered concepts, with additional focus on problem solving, critical thinking and out-of-the-box learning. Each lesson is embedded with thought provoking lessons, designed to make them see the world with an artistic vision and learn to be inspired. Our Goal is to enrich each and every child to become a better artist here and innovative creative thinkers everywhere else.  

Class are on a monthly schedule with an avg of 4 lessons / month.

Creativity is a Habit - not a talent.

  Little and Creative Artists' classes are IN-PERSON  only  

Monthly Materials Fee of $5 will be accrued. This will cover most materials needed for regular in-class work*.

*Exception for specialized materials like canvas, professional paints, jewelry making tools and beads etc. This is not an all inclusive list and additional materials fees will be assessed at the discretion of the instructor.

My name is Sharanya Sudhakar

Art.... color.... perspective.... shape.... joy....

Art is my passion and my hobby. I developed an interest in art from a very young age and have pursued it relentlessly ever since. I finished Computer Programming with Animation, 3D Graphics & Game Development at the University of Washington. I currently work as a Technical Artist at EA. I work on the Madden game and love what I do every single day. Art is my creative center and it defines who I am. 

I rejoice in teaching art. I want to inspire and nurture learning in art so everyone can become a better artist here and better creative thinkers everywhere else. Art is a journey, not just to nurture a technique but to inspire confidence, creative thinking and self expression. Through this journey everyone learns to look at the world from a very different perspective, because art is about nature & us and how we interpret it.

On this creative journey I have understood and mastered a few techniques. This is my small give back to YOU. Find the joy in art and let it redefine YOU, as it did me.

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