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Our Classes 

Regular Weekly Classes for kids & teens only. These classes are focused on creative learning through art. We will focus our lessons and learning around art centered concepts, with additional focus on problem solving, critical thinking and out-of-the-box learning. Each lesson is embedded with thought provoking lessons. Our Goal is to enrich each and every child to become a better artist here and innovative creative thinkers everywhere else.  

All lessons follow a fine-art/creative-art curriculum. This emphasizes learning fine-art fundamentals and then implementing the knowledge gained on a creative piece of your own. This wholesome system means you get to do more that you copy. 

Our MOTTO: Don't Copy! Create ART!


ART is a Passion, CREATIVITY is a Habit

Our Weekly ONCE classes for Kids & Teens


Creative Artist

​Ideal for 12+ yrs

Introduction to fine art concepts, with emphasis on drawing, pencil shading, values, form and shape. Each concept will be followed by a creative drawing lesson where students will implement the art concepts taught. Learn art as well as learn to create art. Our lessons enhance creative thought, out-of-the-box critical thinking and problem solving for budding artists.
Each Lesson is a combination of art skills and creative thinking.

Mediums: pastels, paints or digital (procreate)



$170 / month

1 hr 15 mins


Little Artist

​Ideal for 7-11yrs

Introduction to drawing and painting techniques. Introduction to creative techniques sprinkled with some foundations in drawing, coloring. We focus on interpretation and observation of the world around us and how to communicate ideas and thoughts on paper. The creative juices flowing through your student is channeled with thought provoking ideas and concepts.

Mediums: pastels or paints



$125/ month

1 hr 45 mins

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