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Summer Mini Projects

Mini projects are 2 day classes where you start and finish something in two days. Each project is simple, and beginner friendly. 
2 Projects in June (Closed)

4 Projects in July (Currently Open for Registration)


Aug 5th - 7th is CATCH UP days - for unfinished work (this week is tuition free)
We look forward to seeing you create ART with us.

  • Textured Canvas Painting
    Textured Canvas Painting
    Mon, Jul 22
    Jul 22, 2024, 6:00 PM
    Austin, 11411 Powder Mill Trail, Austin, TX 78750, USA
    Jul 22, 2024, 6:00 PM
    Austin, 11411 Powder Mill Trail, Austin, TX 78750, USA
    Sand texture and Unique Acrylic Painting techniques are used for this whimsical fancy.
  • Is the reference image posted taught in class?
    The image posted is simply a reference of the kind of outcome you can expect. Each student will be guided on a design lesson where they have to create on their own, no copying (plagiarism) is permitted. We will then complete the project using the techniques outlined in the lesson plan. Each lesson plan is modelled after the reference image - with the idea that there is something to be learnt in any piece of art.
  • How many students per class?
    6-8 students on average. Each lesson has a strong creative aspect to it, that is a very subjective thing. Hence our model of teaching is also very subjective to the student. So this cannot be taught en masse.
  • What if the project cannot be completed in 2 days
    The first week of August is buffer week, you can sign up for a day that works for you to come and finish the project. You will not be charged for buffer week, you can sign up for any duration needed to complete the project you started.
  • How is Creativity taught?
    Creativity is not a step 1-2-3 lesson, but more asking the right question so the mind can make the connections and think. It also stems from understanding what is asked. Our instructions are not, "draw a dog" but more along the lines of, "this is how to draw a dog. if you were to do it, how will you do so?" Creativity is the process of triggering your Right Brain to do the thinking as opposed to the more analytical Left Brain. We are analytically trained from the very beginning, even the school testing system is analytical. To switch off this innate habit and to make the right brain work equally take time and practice. We achieve this by asking questions and making the student think, wonder and create. We also aid this process by giving them a direction to think in. All this is achieved with our worksheets, teacher led classes combined with in-person guidance and immediate feedback. If possible always opt for in-person classes to get the best results.
  • Project Duration
    Each Summer Mini Project is a for 2 days. They are mini projects designed and executed in 2 days. There are a total of 6 projects from 2nd week of June to last week in July. The first week of August is a buffer week for any unfinished work.
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