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Create A Project

Pick a project, pick a time and complete it at your pace. All lessons are packaged per -project and classes are appointment based. Come to class when you can and finish when you can.

Unlimited lessons until you finish your project. Materials will be included. 


Learn the technique and create your own project. We will not be copying from the internet.  Good techniques are building blocks of any medium and once you learn and master it, the rest will come easy. No prior experience needed.

Single Project  Lessons

These lessons are half and half. Part IN-person and part OFF-line. You start at the studio and take home work to finish on your own time. Comeback to the studio when you need additional guidance and help.

Lippan ART

Lippan handicraft is a traditional fine art of Rajasthan and Gujarat's desert regions. 'Lippan' means 'to apply

Clay and Mirror work make this a dazzling choice for artists 8+

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Kerela Mural

Kerala mural paintings are the frescos depicting Hindu mythology in Kerala

Bright hues and earthy tones make up this painting.

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Jewelery Making

Polymer Clay and Bead Jewelry

Create your very own polymer clay jewelry, learn to bake & cure it with resin and add embellishments.

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Crochet & Knitting

beginner projects to get you started.

Crochet - Amigurumi 

Knitting - Scarfs and Afghans etc

Screenshot 2024-04-29 165422.png
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Tanjore Painting

Originated under the patronage of the Maratha rulers of Thanjavur

Use 24 carat Goil Foil and signature muck work to create this beautiful painting

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Faux Stain Glass

This is a painting on glass technique using modern enamel paints. 

Create Stain glass paintings using Fine Art Techniques but with modern paints

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Kolum Art

Create wooden creations with Kolum Art

Satin Wooden boards, coasters, paint them and create Kolum art. 

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