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The Beginning...

Creative Curves started its journey as an idea and a need. A need to see my students grow into creative personalities in different art industries today. Teaching art for over 10years there was one consistent habit I saw amongst my students. I noticed that creativity was disappearing as my students delved deeper and deeper into the nuances of art techniques. We were too engrossed in replicating what we see more than wanting to create. CreARTive Curves grew out of a relentless art teacher's need to teach her students to see beyond the obvious.

The Future

Our Goal is out-of-the-box thinking. 

Our Medium - Art

To achieve our goals, ART is our chosen medium.

ART becomes a platform for achievement.


How and what do we achieve by learning art this new way? 

Learning to think with our right brain becomes a HABIT. This will enable us to become creative thinkers, problem solvers and innovators in the larger turn of things. The need to be left brained is ingrained in our education system. Breaking this and moving our boundaries we learn how to color outside the lines, imagine, visualize and innovate. Creativity is not a talent but a habit to be ingrained.


at CreARTive Curves

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