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Online only VIA ZOOM


2 consecutive weekends / month

2nd and 3rd weekend of every month

- total 4 days

1:30pm Central Time (US)

Your Local Time Zone


Class Duration 2hrs 


We focus on art painting concepts in a creative setting. The idea is to create and develop your critical thinking, out-of-the-box solutions and simply re-wire your brain for Right Brain thinking. Each concept will be broken down for learning and creation. Our final design will be painting in a medium of your choice - Watercolors, Gouache, Acrylic or Oil Paints.


Break the concept of copying art, we are here to teach you to create them.


Day1: Drawing 101

We will study the subject of our painting in detail and learn to draw, sketch and create a value study


Day2: Painting 101

We will paint the subject in our medium of choice, learn the techniques of the medium and understand color theory


Day3: Design 101

We will design and compose our creative painting and put together a value / color study for our final rendering on Day 4


Day4: Create YOUR Painting

Put the knowledge gained in the last 3 lessons and create your final painting.


Recorded Sessions

  • classes will be recorded and access provided for continued learning.



One Time and Recurring payments plans are available.


Cancellation Policy

No Refunds or Partial Reimbursements. Credit will be applied at the discretion of the instructor.


Create a Painting

$80.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
Price Options
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$12.75every month until canceled
One-time purchase
  • Day 1 (2nd Saturday - Drawing 101)

    Let's learn to sketch and draw our subject. we will cover drawing basics and learn to sketch form images, photos and from life. We will study our subject and create a value study (a gray scale image of the chosen subject)

    Concepts Covered

    • Drawing and Sketching
    • Draw the subject from multiple angles
    • Discover lighting principles 
    • Value Study
    • Form and Shadow basics

    Day 2 (2nd Sunday - Painting 101)

    Learn to paint with the chosen medium. we will understand the techniques of th emedium and try a few paintings of our subject. we will familiarize ourselves with the subject and how it can be created with varying shades and hues for varying effects. Understand textures and how we can create them with paints. Learn the fundamentals of brushes and their effects, along with color theory and finally learn light principles in terms of color.

    Concepts Covered

    • Painting fundamentals with the medium of choice
    • paint study of subject
    • color theory - hue, tone and saturation
    • color mixing
    • light in terms of color

    Day 3 (3rd Saturday - Design 101)

    Wit the fundamentals of drawing and painting out of the way, lets learn to create by understanding the principles of design. We will delve into composition and bring all the previously learned principles to practice by create a value and color guides for our final painting.

    Concepts Covered

    • Composition
    • Design Do's and Don'ts
    • Value and Color guide

    Day 4 (3rd Sunday - Final Create YOUR Painting)

    Its time to put everything we practiced and planned to practice. We will create our final painting and showcase our work.

    • Mixed Media Paper / Canvas
    • Pencil & Eraser
    • Marker (Brush Pen or Sharpie)
    • Medium of your choice (Watercolors, Gouache, Acrylic or Oils)


    You can use any medium you have on hand, a few choices are listed here. If a specic medium is required, this will be communicated before hand.

    • Oil Paints
    • Acrylic Paints
    • Watercolors
    • Gouache
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